Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Am MissFit: Not A Brand, But A Lifestyle

I Am MissFit isn’t just a brand.  It isn’t prissy and pink.  You won’t see flowers or bows and barrettes.  There are no cutesy slogans or pretty little ribbons to wear that signify girl power.

MissFit is an attitude.  MissFit is a way of life.  To be MissFit is to be yourself. 

It’s a lifestyle.  It’s who you are.  To be MissFit is to simply be you.  You don’t need to fit in when you stand out.

To be MissFit is to be resilient in the face of adversity.  To be MissFit is to stand strong in the eye of the storm.  To be MissFit is to have an unwavering determination in the face of failure and defeat.  To be a MissFit is to put your head down and hustle hard for what you want and defy any definition that society tries to place on you because you’re a woman.  To be MissFit is to live your life out loud with no apologies.  To be MissFit is to step into your dreams and make it your reality.    

I Am MissFit can represent who you are or the greatness that you possess and the greatness you are creating.  When you read or hear the words “I Am MissFit”, replace the word MissFit with your own personal mantra to inspire and empower you to be exactly who you are and live the lifestyle you want!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday Motivation for MissFit's: Sometimes all you need is a little R & R

I am so pumped that Monday is here!  I can't explain to you the excitement that I feel to get back on my hustle and grind.  I feel recharged, refreshed, and refocused.  I'm really freaking excited to seize the day!

I just returned home from vacation.  Well, truthfully it was a short excursion to the beach that allowed me to the luxury of not setting an alarm clock for 2 whole days. I work really hard, and truthfully I feel exhausted lately.  The get away was great.  It was needed.  I love vacations.  Vacations help to renew the mind and spirit while relax the body.

During the calm and relaxation of vacation, you are reminded of your life goals and reinvigorated by your passions!  During vacation the hunger and desire for achievement begin to re-manifest as they were lost in the hustle of the day to day grind.  During rest and relaxation I actually remember the passion and love that I have for my work.

R & R never hurt anyone.  It is usually well deserved.  Resting allows us to appreciate what we do and to be thankful for our abilities.  If you haven't taken a break lately, I highly recommend it.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." ~Aristotle

It feels odd admitting this, but I was ready for Monday to arrive.  I'm ready to return to my work

I'm ready to return to my regimen.  I'm ready to get back to working towards my goals.  I'm ready to crush it!  I'm ready to get back in the swing of things and take action.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Define Own Standard of Beauty

Recently I was having a conversation with a fellow, and a comment that he had about my body blew me away.  I could have become offended, but once I took time to think about it and digest his ignorance...I had an epiphany about my body image and I felt empowered.

The epiphany was: I'm a bad ass motherfucker with or without anyone's fucking approval!

These words actually came out of a man's mouth:

"You have an amazing body.  You know what would make you look awesome!  Bigger boobs.  Have you ever thought about getting implants?  You should think about it.  You'd rock it!  You'd look great! Girls are lucky, you can get parts enhanced.  If I could, I'd get penis enlarged to 20 feet.  Can you imagine?  Women are lucky."

Thanks, dick!

I'm not going to comment on his appearance, because it doesn't matter. But I will just note that I was not impressed.

Had I been told that comment at 22 years old, hell even 30 years old...I am not sure my delicate self-esteem could have taken that.  I would have rushed to the nearest hiding spot and cried a little and felt insecure for the rest of the day.  I would have started saving money for breast implants, and imagined how "perfect" my body would be once the procedure was complete.  I would have looked for approval of others based on how they viewed my body and hope that I was good enough and worthy for love.  I would have thought that to be considered attractive and beautiful, I would need to look a certain way.  I would have also wrongly judged other women based on my warped perception of beauty.

Luckily I am 37, and at this point I could care less about what some idiot thinks about my body and what I should do to "enhance" it.  Luckily I have spent years working to build my confidence levels and self-esteem, and self-love based on personal improvement and achievement rather than only basing my worth on appearance.  Though at times it has been a struggle at times, I no longer base my worth on my looks as I did when I was younger.  I try to be honest with myself, and the truth (if you didn't know) is I do not have a large bust.  To answer his question, yes, I have considered paying for a breast augmentation.  I have done the online research, called clinics, saved thousands of dollars, and even sat in for an appointment to talk to a cosmetic surgeon.  I could never pull the trigger.

I'm not sure why I never went through with the procedure, but I am positive that the cost had something to do with it.  I also knew that I was not mature enough for a change so significant.  And to be completely upfront, I still consider it sometimes.  To follow that statement, let me be clear, I only make life changing decisions based on my happiness and what is best for my well-being.  I will never make a decision, especially about my body, to please anyone else.  Ever.

Why should I or any woman feel the need to alter my body to suit someone else's standard of beauty? Why should I or any woman feel that I need to look a certain way in order to gain the approval or admiration of a man?  Why should I or any woman feel that I have to try harder or pay money to live up to a contrived standard of beauty?  Why should I or any woman feel unworthy or less perfect due to lacking a certain preference?  Why do I or any woman need to change my breast size, lip size, butt size, or waist size to be accepted as a beautiful woman?

I would like to bring to your attention that most men or women that require this unattainable standard of beauty are far more insecure than any of you reading this blog.

I have many different qualities and features that make me just as much of a woman as any other woman big bust or not.  I don't believe I have to prove my "woman-ness" to anyone male or female. And I certainly don't feel I need to spend thousands of dollars to get the approval of some sex crazed pig.  It doesn't matter what size my boobs are, how large or small my butt is, how long my hair is, or how much I weigh or what kind of clothes I wear that defines me as a woman.  Being a woman is much more than physical appearance.

I wish I could give you a straight forward definition of what is means to be a woman.  I wish I could draw a picture or describe in detail what a woman should look like, how she should dress, fix her hair, wear her make-up, how a woman should speak, What sports a woman should play, what career path is acceptable for a woman, how a woman should walk, and how a woman should think.  But I can't give you a definition or a description.  To be a woman is all empowering and beautiful.  There is no one standard of beauty.  There is no right or wrong.  There is no checklist that you can mark to meet a certain standard or "woman-ness".  You are either a woman or you are not, and if you are you should know that you are perfectly beautiful.  If you are not a woman, you have no business in defining the beauty and greatness that is a woman.

I'm going to close with this:  You are a bad ass motherfucking woman with or without anyone's fucking approval!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Run, Rise, Rule, or Reign. When It Comes To Fear, You Choose.

According to the late great Zig Ziglar, fear has two meanings; “Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise.” 

Zig's wisdom and knowledge speaks volumes and is everlasting.  He was right, have 2 choices when facing challenges or objections: Run or Rise.  It's a classic case of fight or flight.  You always have power and control over your reactions to any situation.  Even when you have some butterflies in your stomach or are nervous about working towards a goal.  There will always be obstacles, and more than likely there will be a hater or 10 that have objections to the actions that you take in YOUR life. Sometimes we can even decide not to take action towards our dreams because of the negativity and insecurity of other people.  Those people are called haters and they should be ignored.  

I think there is a third meaning.  It’s a little harsh.  It might hurt some ears.  But it needs to be said, especially if you are letting the words of the haters clog your mind and prevent your greatness.

FEAR:  F*ck Everyone And Rule! 

The haters want you to fall.  They want you to fail.  They want you to hurt.  They want you to quit.  They want you to have self-doubt.  They want you to question your abilities.  Haters hate you.  They do not wish you well.  They do not pray for your success.   They do not wish you happiness.  F*ck the haters.  They don’t pay your bills.  They don’t wear your shoes.  They don’t know the challenges that you face day in and day out.  They don’t know the depth of your dreams.  They want you to stop.  They want you to quit.  They want you to fear what they fear…your greatness.  Don't fear your own light.  Shine bright.  I wonder if there could even be a fourth meaning for fear?

FEAR:  Forge Excellence And Reign!

Do not let their hate affect your performance.  Do not let their contempt affect your work.  Do not let their jealousy affect your success.  Do not let their rumors affect your intensity, creativity, passion.  Be excellent.  No matter what is said, no matter how the BS is spread.  Forge excellence.  Stop accepting mediocrity.  Stop being okay with average.  Don’t allow what they can’t do affect what you can do.  Don’t hold back because you have high standards.  Stop being afraid to step up and be excellent!   

Now that you have 4 meanings to choose from, the choice is yours.  Can I make a suggestion?  No matter if you decide to Rise, Rule, or Reign in the face of fear NEVER run!